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Buy Bitcoin with SEPA: Pan-European Payment System on Switchere

In short, the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) initiative was established as a zone for the Euro (EUR) currency in which all electronic payments are recognized as domestic (within the Eurozone territory), and there is no difference between national and intra-European cross-border payments. On Switchere online cryptocurrency exchange, you can easily buy Bitcoin with SEPA bank transfer and receive crypto straight to your preferred wallet address. Best online crypto exchanges at the most secure crypto exchange platform!

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Buy BTC with SEPA: Trusted and Secure Online Banking

Due to enabling the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) payment method, customers can now make cashless payments in the EUR currency – via credit transfer and direct debit – to anywhere in the European Union, including non-EU countries. Now you do not need to enter VISA, Mastercard or Maestro bank card (credit card, debit card or prepaid card) details to buy or convert crypto — buy Bitcoin using SEPA on white label site with low transaction fees and top security measures.

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Buy Bitcoin Using SEPA Bank Transfer Scheme for EU Payments

It is a well-known fact that SEPA bank transfer is the most widely used form of online payments in the EU for one-time and recurring payments. Wondering how to buy Bitcoin with SEPA using online converter? That’s as easy as falling off a log! You do not need to use any app or software to do this on Switchere — simple register on the platform, complete verification and you are all set to buy BTC with SEPA online cross-border payments. SEPA was created to fully harmonies electronic Euro payments to make it fast, easy and convenient for people to pay across Europe with just one universal payment account. If compared with other sites, Switchere offers flawless order processing, best exchange rates, ongoing loyalty program and discounts. You can buy Bitcoin via SEPA (from 10 EUR to 500 000 per 1 transaction) at competitive market price at with no delays whatsoever.

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Innovative and Progressive: Buy Bitcoin via SEPA Online Banking System

Buy Bitcoin with SEPA, which represents a major step towards a true single European market and allows you paying in EUR directly using your SEPA bank account. For the European customers wishing to buy BTC with SEPA bank transfer, SEPA is more efficient and cost-effective than the SWIFT network with its anonymous transactions. Also, please keep in mind that when you opt to buy Bitcoin using SEPA, the money you send from you SEPA account must be denominated in EUR, or else your bank may charge additional fees for currency conversion into EUR. In short, buy Bitcoin via SEPA transfers and make SEPA deposits to your account balance on Switchere to speed things up and upgrade your current crypto portfolio the way you want.

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