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Get Your Referral Link

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Get Your Referral Link

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Drive Your Referral Traffic

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Live Interactive Affiliate Dashboard

Live Interactive Affiliate Dashboard

  • Detailed statistics.
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Make Easy Money with Best-Paying Affiliate Program

Everyone can join our crypto Affiliate Program — it’s free of charge and doesn’t require any initial investments! The cryptocurrency Affiliate program is entirely performance-based, which means you can earn referral rewards for attracting new Referrals (up to 30% commission) on and on. Every time your Referrals make an exchange (buy, sell or swap) operation on Switchere, you’ll get your referral reward — the best way of growing your earnings in crypto and fiat!

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program: Generate Additional Income Without Trading

So, what’s necessary to make passive income with our crypto exchange referral program? The first thing is that you need to have a registered account with (if you haven’t done it yet). Secondly, you need to build (or expand) a community of crypto enthusiasts (“crypto referral empire”) — the more leads to our cryptocurrency Affiliate Program, the more you can generate referral income. To do it, spread the word about using the Referral Link or embed Referral Banners in your blog, website, forum, etc. The greater affiliate involvement with exchange services, the more you earn Referral rewards in our crypto exchange Affiliate Program. Anyone who signs up through your links/banners will become your referral in crypto Affiliate Program. Simple the best place to earn awesome referral earnings in best crypto Affiliate Program.

Make Passive Income with Top-Rated Cryptocurrency Referral Program

Presently, it’s hard to find a decent cryptocurrency affiliate program with fair conditions, especially when it comes to buying crypto (Bitcoin, in particular) at a trusted and licensed exchange platform. But that’s not the case with Switchere! What sets us apart is that you get double profit from your primary and secondary referrals, which means the program is entirely performance based, whereas an extensive affiliate network means substantial additional source of income. The accrual is automatic and you can withdraw your referral earning at any time without any set timeframes. To crown it all, the number of new or existing referrals is unlimited, therefore you’ve an incredibly powerful instrument to make easy money without having sector-specific marketing knowledge.

Join Switchere Crypto Referral Program & Get Referral Rewards LIFETIME!

Crypto referral program is a rare opportunity for profit. You can watch your referral earnings grow in the Affiliate Dashboard as your network of referrals blooms. Be you are a crypto trader or a die-hard crypto adept, you can increase your affiliate network through crypto referral program and join the mainstream in the crypto sphere. It’s fast, free of charge, doesn’t require special knowledge and it pays off after all!

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