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Increase revenue through accepting fiat payments for your dApp

The easiest way to onboard more users to your business without leaving your dApp

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Bringing fiat<>crypto flow to companies like

payment methods


4 Fiat Payment Methods For Your Customers

There is no need to enter into agreements with each payment system or integrate with Apple Pay and Google Pay to receive payments. We did all the work for you — it is enough to integrate Switchere and enjoy all payment systems.

Global Coverage

Expand your business geography to the largest markets

No matter what country your business is registered in — we take care of all the regulations and licensing in the EU, USA, and other countries.


Philip Mostert

CMO at SpaceSeven


“This is the first and very unique opportunity on the market to buy NFTs with your credit card. With growing interest in NFT, we would like to expand its adoption in the market.”

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Improve User Onboarding Conversion Rate

We work with several payment providers at once and support a cascade processing function. Thus, if one of the payment providers rejects a transaction, it is instantly redirected to other payment systems until it is successfully completed.

Compliance as a service

Full KYC User Onboarding

You can focus on building great products and growing your business quickly while quick balance top-ups, instant verifications, and smooth KYC processes for your users are handled for you.



We solve problems of your clients 24/7

Enjoy expert technical support and ensure that all inquiries and issues are resolved at high speed round-the-clock by top-notch Customer Care managers. The average response time is 57 seconds.


Scale Your Business Instantly

Our full-featured payment APIs are tailored for specific business needs and built to scale with you from day one to millions of users. Integrate our on ramp widget in a few minutes and go live!

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FAQ: Crypto Exchange Widget for Your Service

  • What is a cryptocurrency exchange widget?

    A cryptocurrency exchange widget powered by Switchere is a fully customizable tool that allows any website, platform or browser to integrate this useful feature and allow online cryptocurrency exchange services to the clients at the best exchange rates. In fact, the Switchere’s crypto exchange widget for website is incredibly easy to integrate because it can be embedded on the website as a plain HTML code — no special technical knowledge is required on your part. You can customize the crypto exchange widget in accord with your current needs and adjust the size, width, color scheme, language, currencies for depositing and receiving.
  • How to integrate crypto exchange widget for website?

    To integrate our feature-rich crypto exchange widget for website, you first need to define your goals and select the best integration method that suits your market needs. In short, we offer multiple integration methods for online stores, crypto wallets, etc. The most popular are as follows: widget and button integration, API, subdomain, and tailor-made solutions to accommodate the best crypto exchange widget specifically for your business. Switchere’s API allows to integrate our payment solution on your subdomain, while tailor-made solutions allow to develop and implement best crypto exchange widget.
  • What are the advantages of crypto exchange widget powered by Switchere?

    As far as you know, the cryptocurrency market cap is versatile and ever-changing and the Switchere’s cryptocurrency exchange widget grants easy access to the crypto universe with minimum efforts. Our crypto exchange widget is seamlessly customizable and you can set up all the key widget parameters according to your preferences and target audience in a matter of minutes. What is more, Switchere is an EU licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange service provider with all mandatory permits. Our partners can scale up their businesses and boost traffic monetization in a short time because the Switchere’s crypto exchange widget is globally recognized.

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