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  • 30+ cryptocurrencies available on 5 blockchains
  • Receive instant payouts in crypto or EUR to your wallet or bank account
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How it works?

  • choose crypto pay

    Your customer chooses to pay with crypto

  • select coin

    The customer selects a coin to pay with

  • make payment

    The customer makes a payment in crypto

  • recive funds

    You receive your funds in crypto or EUR

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Accept 30+ cryptocurrencies

We accept all the most popular ones: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple and many more.

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Get instant payouts to your wallet or bank account

The crypto that you receive will be automatically converted into the crypto that you choose or EUR and sent directly to your bank account / crypto wallet.

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How to start accepting crypto?

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Scale Your Business Instantly

Switchere crypto payment gateway tools are tailored for specific business needs and built to scale with you from day one to millions of users. Integrate our crypto payment gateway solution in as low as 30 minutes and go live!

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We Are Here to Help You!

Our customer care agents are available 24/7 to help you and your clients solve their issues quickly and efficiently. Our team's average response time is 57 seconds.


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FAQ: WooCommerce Crypto Payments

  • What is so special about WordPress crypto payments?

    If you wish to accept virtual currencies via the most user-friendly WooCommerce crypto payments, then Switchere is the perfect choice for you. Here, the WooCommerce crypto pay powered by Switchere offers the all-in-one solution to accept top-performing cryptocurrencies from your customers and scale your business to new heights because both crypto and blockchain are trending. The most differentiating factors to consider in favor of the WordPress-powered plug-ins and extensions are: more than 40 per cent of the websites are built on WordPress; you can sell virtually anything with WooCommerce and accept crypto payments via Switchere in a matter of minutes.
  • How does crypto payment WooCommerce solution work?

    When it comes to WordPress crypto payments through the crypto payment WooCommerce powered by Switchere, the mechanism is very simple, transparent and does not require much technical knowledge. All you need to do is install the Switchere extension to your website. Simply set up the size, color scheme, language preferences, the pay-in and pay-out methods and that is all about integration. Accepting crypto payments from a large customer base is not a problem anymore and you can grow your business on a global scale omitting the technical nuances. You can add and extend features the way you want with Switchere.
  • Why accept crypto payments WooCommerce for your business?

    If you are still wondering if it is worth to accept crypto payments WooCommerce (which, in fact, one of the best plugin extensions for crypto payment WordPress), let us highlight the key benefits of Switchere. First and foremost, Switchere is a licensed and regulated crypto exchange with all mandatory EU permits. Second, the user workflow is simplified to the maximum and the clients do not waste a single second on crypto payments. Third, the number of supported coins and tokens is indeed impressive, featuring BTC, all major altcoins, stablecoins, DeFi tokens, etc. Finally, it is truly accessible and tech-savvy.
  • How to accept crypto WooCommerce payments via Switchere?

    In order to accept crypto WooCommerce, you just need to select the Switchere extension for installing in WordPress. After successful installation, you can WooCommerce accept cryptocurrency and monetize your traffic just like that. You can accept crypto payments for anything you like: shopping, digital downloads, bookings, subscriptions, shipping, cloud apps/dApps, etc. You can extend your revenue streams without delving into technical stuff because WooCommerce offers smart ready-made solutions to make easy money online. Manage the entire workflow in the dashboard with the all-in-one Switchere checkout solution and enter all the leading global markets with the best market proposition.
  • What are the benefits of the WooCommerce accept cryptocurrency extension?

    WooCommerce has been in to business since the early 2011 and earned the fame of the “emperor of e-commerce plugins” on WordPress. Zillions of developers adore working with WooCommerce because the platform gives more freedom in the app customization and grants access to advanced tools. With the advent of online crypto exchange service Switchere on WooCommerce, the platform has made a huge leap in offering WooCommerce crypto payments to its clients. The realization and user interface are intuitive by design, the crypto portfolio is rich, the order processing is ultra-fast, secure and the checkout has an built-in multilingual optimization.
  • How to install WooCommerce Switchere Pay plugin?

    In order to install WooCommerce Switchere Pay plugin, it is necessary to navigate to the Plugins tab and tap Add New. Search for Switchere Pay, install and enable the Switchere plugin.
  • How to check order status?

    In your user dashboard area, select Settings and press Order Statuses. Now you can monitor all order statuses and manage your activities.
  • How to withdraw crypto from Switchere cabinet?

    To withdraw crypto, go to Balance and tap Withdraw. Choose the currency, amount, indicate the recipient address and confirm the operation.

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