Smart Plug-and-Play NFT Checkout: Accept Fiat and Crypto Instantly

Boost your NFT sales effortlessly with Switchere-powered NFT Checkout. You can power up your business in virtually no time and bring a fresh set of customers by simply integrating our plug-and-play NFT Checkout — a unique value proposition that interconnects fiat and crypto for your business.

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Most Popular Payment Methods for Your Users

Empower your platform with the Switchere NFT Checkout — offer your customers a seamless experience of buying NFTs. With the most popular payment methods like credit/debit cards, open banking and SEPA, their transactions are executed both effortlessly and securely.

Global Coverage

Expand Your Business Presence Globally with Trusted Service Provider

No matter what country your business is registered in — we take care of all the regulations and licensing. You can entirely focus on your business growth while we handle all the tedious work for you.


Philip Mostert

CMO at SpaceSeven


“This is the first and very unique opportunity on the market to buy NFTs with your credit card. With growing interest in NFT, we would like to expand its adoption in the market.”

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Easy NFT buying experience

We’ve created an outstanding user experience to boost your conversion rates. Our platform makes buying NFTs easy – no need to deal with buying crypto first or passing complicated verifications.

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Full KYC User Onboarding

Switchere provides turn-key automated user verification services and renders CaaS followed by regulatory fully compliant end-to-end client lifecycle process.


Round-the-Clock Customer Care

We Solve Problems of Your Customers 24/7

Enjoy expert technical support and ensure that all inquiries and issues are resolved at high speed round-the-clock by top-notch Customer Care managers. The average response time is 57 seconds.

Simple Integration

Scale Your Business Instantly

Our full-featured NFT Checkout is tailored for specific business needs and built to scale with you from day one to millions of users. You can easily integrate our smart NFT Checkout, test it in our sandbox environment, go live and increase ROI just like that!

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FAQ: Switchere NFT Checkout

  • How does Switchere’s NFT Checkout Work?

    NFT Checkout integration is simplified to the maximum and the Switchere widget can be embedded into your site in accordance with the various forms of NFTs — image, video, audio, 3D representation, etc. NFT purchases up to $700 require only basic verification, which is a perfect addition for your digital business.

    With Switchere NFT Checkout, the whole process of buying NFTs for a user is compressed into three simple steps:
    • Selecting the preferred NFT(s).
    • Making a payment with a bank card.
    • Receiving the chosen NFT(s).
    Besides, optional user wallet top ups with 30+ cryptocurrencies are available via Switchere.
  • Who can use the Switchere-powered NFT Checkout?

    Switchere-powered NFT Checkout is specifically built for NFT marketplaces, trading platforms, iGaming, and various brands that want to give their users easy access to NFTs.
  • What are the advantages of buying NFTs with a bank card?

    The option where you offer your customers buying NFTs with credit cards will bring a fresh set of buyers to the NFT landscape. A lot of people who have been kept away because of the complexities of crypto can now buy NFTs with their credit cards. In fact, it is fast, convenient, secure and understandable to people who are new to the world of crypto and blockchain.
  • What payout options are available to our partners?

    Our partners receive payments in USDT stablecoins and can withdraw earnings in crypto to their wallet address or fiat to their bank account.
  • How is Switchere NFT Checkout helping with NFT adoption?

    Switchere widget makes NFTs more accessible by allowing businesses of all sizes (small, middle-size and large enterprises) to accept bank card and crypto payments. Our NFT Checkout can be integrated into any platform that faces limitations in NFT purchases with fiat currencies.
  • What fiat payment methods are available via Switchere?

    We support VISA, Maestro and Mastercard bank card payments in EUR and USD, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and SEPA bank transfers. However, we are working on enabling other fiat currencies and adding region-specific payment methods.

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