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To explain in short, both being cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Litecoin resemble each other in many ways. Basically, Litecoin is a relative to the Bitcoin software project, just with different algorithms and LTC has also faster transactions processing time.

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Seamless Bitcoin to Litecoin Converter

Swap Bitcoin to LTC Online

Convenient, user-friendly, fast, secure and risk-free way to convert BTC to LTC on a trusted website.

Swap BTC to LTC

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BTC to LTC Exchange: How to Exchange

The enthusiasm for cryptocurrency has grown drastically over the past few years. At first, people only paid attention to Bitcoin, – now, other cryptocurrencies have hit the world’s market and come in use: Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XPR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash, and others. All of them have a different value for the convenience of exchange and division into smaller units.

If you have already decided that the process of exchange is necessary for you, the best way is to make it through the legit online platform

Using the exchange service, you are able make as many exchanges as you wish and keep your data secure on this converter site.

BTC to LTC Exchange: How to Exchange
Convert BTC to LTC Securely

Convert BTC to LTC Securely

With this white label anonymous Bitcoin to Litecoin converter, you will easily pass all long registration and verification stages, buy Litecoin in a fast and stress-free way.

Besides, the BTC to LTC calculator will make the BTC to LTC exchange process even more transparent.

Exchange Now

The Last Word About Bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange on

The procedure will only take a few steps before you finally convert BTC to LTC and receive the desired Litecoins to your wallet.
Create an account on Having a personal account on this BTC to LTC converter is great and beneficial since you can raise the purchase limit and build trust through the verification.
Select the amount of crypto you wish to exchange. You choose which currency to convert, enter your electronic wallet address (or use the Bitcoin wallet app) and send the funds for conversion.
Get the Litecoin assets to your e-wallet. Here the good news is that covers all fees. That is what sets the website apart from all other Bitcoin exchange sites: most websites still have fees for sending and network fees. That’s it – no hidden financial surprises or commissions!

Among the top features of this Bitcoin to Litecoin exchange service, we have singled out just some of them.
You can convert Bitcoin to Litecoin. This gives greater freedom to those willing to divide bigger sums than a Bitcoin so it’s a huge plus for businesses and trades.
The opportunity to carry out the convert BTC to ETH or any other cryptocurrency. The service isn’t limited to BTC to LTC conversion, – you can make any online transmission from any currency, including Ethereum, Stellar, Dash, or Ripple.

So, choose the currency and the exchange will take a few minutes on

The Last Word About Bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange on

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